My Liberty Series paintings investigate issues of freedom and equality. The paintings express these ideals as both formidable and fragmented, and seek to engage with them in a new way.

Starting with paper photographs, I fold the images to give them a new 3rd dimension, communicating both disruption and resilience. The ability to fold and reconfigure uncovers new meanings in familiar images. I make large paintings of the fragile paper constructions to fix transitional moments in a solid form.

As an American female raised in the 1980s, I grew up in a time when liberty and equality seemed inevitable and always advancing. My Liberty paintings question that inevitability, and look at the uncertainty and possibility in our new era.

The Statue of Liberty is a shared American icon that means something to almost everyone, but can mean something different to each person. The Liberty series examines those meanings and the nature of shared ideals in a time of change.