Paper Work - 30 Day Challenge

Using inspiration from the wonderful podcast and website, The Jealous Curator, I am starting a 30-day challenge called “Paper Work.” Each day from June 14–July 14, I will photograph or upload something paper or paper-like.

Because I work with paper in my paintings, I tend to notice paper-related things out in the world — folded paper images used in articles or posters, folded sculpture, crumpled wrappers, shredded piles of paper.

The process for each of my folded paper paintings can be long, so a daily challenge seems like an intriguing way to satisfy my creative need for “new” and provide a place for me to document some investigations of the thing we call paper.

Reaching Out to Galleries

I spent a good part of June researching galleries to send my work to. My goal was to send 5 packages out by the end of June, and even though every obstacle seemed to jump in my way on June 30, I did it. It's been an interesting process of writing, considering, reflecting, and putting into words a process that is usually very under wraps. It's also been an interesting process of working through self doubt, uncertainty, and feeling oddly exposed. But it's definitely been worth it.

Thinking locally

I'm selling some of my fine art prints in the new retail shop at Lowell's COOL organization. They will be fully open in the next few weeks to sell local artists' works to the public and promote all the cultural events and organizations in Lowell. Go check them out at 70 Merrimack Street in busy downtown Lowell, MA.

Also in downtown Lowell is the fabulous indie bookstore/cafe, Hypertext Books, where I've been selling some of my fine art greeting cards. It's a great place to go for books, latte, iced latte, and... fine art greeting cards :)


In the Studio

These are some in-studio photos of work in progress, with the still life setup close by. I had every intention of making a proper still life box, with black foam core, but I got comfortable with the cardboard prototype I'd made and am still using it.

I recently added a clip-on magnifying glass to my setup to help me see the folds in the paper.

Still life setup and painting for Origami I

Still life setup and painting for Origami I

Still life setup and painting for Origami II

Still life setup and painting for Origami II